Personal Nutrition

A personalised approach to a healthy lifestyle

Personal Nutrition


If it’s a fixed plan you are after, then there are plenty out there that will work. They tend to be 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks long and if you stick to them, then the results can be amazing. Eat less, move more ring any bells? In most cases yes. But in others, not so much.

Life however isn’t a plan, so what happens at the end of it? More often than not, you go back to square one after the regime ends and end up pretty demotivated as your hard work disappears.

Not one size fits all either. Everyone has different body types, dietary requirements and fitness goals. It’s not all about chicken, broccoli and cardio that’s for sure! It’s important to eat healthy food and adopt healthy eating habits. You only get one body and you need to look after it.

I offer guidance on how to change your diet and lifestyle for the long term. I will help you plan a personal nutrition blueprint that is individual to you. One that is flexible, but one that will serve you for life. I work on a one step approach. Changing one thing at a time, so those newly formed habits turn into a lifestyle.

I offer 1-1 Nutritional Consults for weight loss, weight gain or general health and wellbeing. This can either be face to face in person at our gym in London or my home in West Sussex (preferred) or via video call

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£75 for initial consultation; includes body fat measuring (if required) and a full written report to include personal energy requirements and meal plans.

£50 for each follow up appointment in person or via video call

£160 for 3 consultations (3 weeks apart) which includes body fat measuring at each meeting, general nutritional advice, meal planning and a full written report after the first meeting.


Female Fitness and Food

To eat more fruit and veg

We all need to eat more fruit and veg. Period. Instead of looking to meat or fish as the main portion of your meal, why not turn it on it’s head and instead base your meal on whole plants and have meat/fish as a small side (if you wish). You don’t have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to reap the benefits of eating a plant based diet. Just base the majority your meals on whole plants. Easy! If you think ‘plant based’ and eat food in it’s original form (think wholegrains such as oats, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole vegetables and fruits) then you can start eliminating processed foods, refined sugar, refined oils and shop bought junk foods and fill up on the good stuff instead.

To be more creative in the kitchen

I seriously considered going vegan last year after watching ‘What the Health’. But what this did was stress me out as I had no idea how to do it healthily or economically! And so many vegan recipes are complicated and take so much time. So instead I started off with experimenting in the kitchen with a few new vegan dishes and built it up from there slowly. My aim is to create plant based vegan based recipes that are quick, easy, tasty and don’t cost the earth. Oh and I like making things that are gluten free too. There are so many people that would benefit by not eating as much gluten. So I wanted to provide those options.

To learn something new everyday

Studying Nutrional Therapy has opened my eyes to a world of nutrition beyond losing weight and counting macros. Being in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years has taught me that you can never know enough and that one size does not fit all. Everyone is individual, has different fitness and nutritional needs and the more I can learn, the more I can pass on to my clients. Yes, keeping a healthy weight is important and to do that it’s important to learn portion sizes and energy requirements (calories) but it’s also important to learn how to keep fit and eat healthily whilst being able to live your life. So the more you can learn, the better!

To be in control of your decisions

My decision to give up drinking taught me you can absolutely do anything that you want to do. YOU are the one that is in control of what you say, what you do, what you eat, how you move. Yes, there are influential external and internal factors but at the end of the day it is only you that can make that choice. Have power in the knowledge that this is the case. If something isn’t working for you, change it. Not doing enough exercise? Then make that decision to do something that you will enjoy doing. Eating rubbish? Then make that decision to find a way to eat healthier. Don’t know where to start? Give me a call!

To be strong and beautiful

You don’t have to look like a bodybuilder or a world class CrossFitter to be strong physically. Yes, you can certainly look like that it you train 6 days a week, twice a day and eat between 3-4000 caloires! But if you are like me, you can’t or don’t want to do that so that is absolutely fine. Lifting weights will improve your strength, tone of muscles and of course you are already beautiful but you will feel awesome too! I love being able to do a pull up, squat my bodyweight and deadlift 100KG. The feeling of satisfaction I get from being able to put more weight on my bar is far more satisfying than jumping on a scale to see how much weight I have lost (or not!).

Because YOU have the POWER!

Has anyone ever told you you can’t do something? Well you know what? You can. You can do ANYthing (within reason and by making compromises) you want to. You get one life, one body, one mind. It’s not easy trying to stay fit and be healthy. It takes effort but YOU CAN DO IT! I have changed career at 30, and again at nearly 40. I have moved house and area that I live in to suit mine and my family's circumstances. I have decided to change my diet, give up drinking and change the way I exercise to suit my individual needs because I have the power. And you can too.

A personalised approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Female Fitness and Food

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